Vice Chancellor of Researches and Technology



VC Name: Prof. Nourmohammad Bakhshani

                   Professor of Clinical Psychology



Major responsibilities:


1. Preparing and proposing different research guidelines with the help of relevant authorities and monitoring their optimal implementation.


2. Establishment of communication with national and international universities as well as scientific institutions in order to attract their cooperation in different fields of research.


3. Collaboration in scientific, cultural and social services and holding scientific seminars and conferences and the implementation of all research-related affairs and scientific-service contracts between the University and other institutions.


4. Supervision of press affairs of the university.




Tel: +98 54 33295796
Fax: +98 54 33295796
Address: ZAUMS, Main campus, Khalij_e_Fars Blvd, Zahedan, Sistan & Baluchestan, Iran
Postal Code: 9816743463

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